Technologies we use

The technologies below form the core of the development work we do for customers at Cygnet. However, every project is different, and we aim to choose the correct tool for each job.

Operating Systems
Our primary target platform is Microsoft Windows. We are competent both in client-side desktop applications and server-side applications, including web development. Our support services are primarily aimed at Microsoft Windows installations. Many of our own in-house systems run on Linux.
Web applications

We target web and cloud development primarily through .NET and Microsoft's Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service). We have also developed many web applications for customers which run on customer-hosted or third-party hosted servers.

Web applications are developed where possible to adhere strictly to web standards and accessibility guidelines and are tested on multiple different web browsers: as a result, our portfolio includes many web applications up to a decade old which still run perfectly on all the latest web browsers and mobile platforms.

Mobile apps
We have the capability in-house to develop mobile apps for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.
Most of our database development is Microsoft SQL Server. For Linux development we work primarily with MySQL.
Languages & platforms
Most of our software development is .NET using the C# language. Where appropriate we will develop systems using Java, C++ and several other languages and environments. [C]