Our markets & clients

Cygnet Solutions delivers professional services to a wide range of organisations from small family-run concerns to multi-national businesses and major utilities.

We have particular expertise in the following market sectors.


Cygnet have been an approved defence supplier since 2006. In that time we have worked on a number of contracts, specialising in providing mission-critical test software.

Electricity Supply

Radio Teleswitching System (Energy Networks Association)

This system—developed and maintained by Cygnet—is responsible for controlling thousands of night storage heaters for consumers throughout the UK. It runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. more»

Flows Management System (ScottishPower)

Cygnet messaging software provided the heart of the communication facilities for ScottishPower’s systems for NETA.

Nuclear Energy

Magnox, British Energy

Specialising in audits of safety-related systems, Cygnet have more than a decade of experience working with the UK nuclear industry.

Sports & Leisure

Hospitality System (Scottish Rugby Union)

SRU use a Cygnet-developed custom system to organise all their corporate hospitality events nationwide. Cygnet have also worked with SRU in the past to comprehensively review their IT suppliers, security, infrastructure and network.

Electronic Waste Tracking

TES-AMM Worldwide

TES-AMM are a leading processor of surplus IT and other electronic equipment. Valuable materials are extracted and surplus material is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Our system tracks all material through the complete process and manages environmental and financial accounting. more»

Sales Order Processing


MyFresh, one of Scotland’s leading manufacturers of prepared fruit and vegetables, uses bespoke line-of-business software from Cygnet. In a dynamic production environment, where customer requirements often change by the hour, Cygnet’s software allows MyFresh to meet delivery deadlines in a high pressure manufacturing setting.