Case study: eWTS

Electronic Waste Tracking Software

Cygnet Solutions Ltd, has developed for TES-AMM (Europe) Ltd. an eWTS waste tracking system for use in all TES-AMM's international sites which are engaged in the recycling and processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ('WEEE'). eWTS is in use in TES-AMM's operations in Scotland, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand among other locations.

eWTS (electronic Waste Tracking System) has been developed to manage the complete process of safely disposing of end-of-life computer equipment, white goods, brown goods and other types of WEEE. The software allows waste management companies to demonstrate compliance with European and American regulations relating to the movement, treatment, recycling and disposal of WEEE.

TES-AMM is one of the leading, and fastest growing, WEEE management companies. The company receives end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment from major manufacturers and distributors as well as community recycling groups and local authorities. Hazardous materials are removed and made safe in specialist plants. The waste is then broken down and sent to treatment plants for material recovery.

According to Ian Watson, Operations Director of TES-AMM (Europe) Ltd. 'eWTS was the obvious choice of software for our needs because of the rigorous tracking of material and financial accounting it offers – even in a complex multi-national supply chain like ours. eWTS helps us maximise the return for our customers, recycle and re-use as much material as possible, demonstrate compliance with legislation and discharge our duty-of-care obligations'.

Brian Higton, Business Development Director at Cygnet Solutions stated 'the legislation relating to WEEE in both Europe and the US is becoming more demanding. The key benefit of eWTS is its ability to track all material from the point of receipt to final re-use or disposal. This allows waste operators to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent reporting and auditing requirements'. [C]