About Cygnet

Cygnet Solutions Ltd. was founded in 1995 to provide professional IT consultancy and software development services to organisations large and small throughout the UK.

Some of the characteristics that set us apart are:

Business and technical skills
We are able to work with our customers at the business level, to understand business needs and to translate these into technical requirements. Many companies possess business or technical skills—few can demonstrate both.
We are large enough to take on projects of significant size and complexity yet small enough to be flexible, and to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Our consultants and developers are trained in the software development lifecycle and are used to working under an ISO 9000/TickIT quality regime. All personnel are experienced in the specification, design & implementation of business-critical systems.
Friendly approach
Our personnel are recruited not only for their technical capability and experience but also according to their attitude and their willingness to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues. We pride ourselves on being open, accessible and easy to work with.
Cygnet is privately owned and not tied to any particular supplier or products. Cygnet is able to work at all times in the best interests of its clients. [C]